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Secrets that will make your relationship work

We’ve all been there at one point or another- fighting with a loved one. Whether it’s a spouse or a significant other, sometimes the arguments get so bad we are ready to call it quits. But before you end it, there are some things you can do to get that relationship back to where it was when it began. Relationships take work, but to make one last, you also need to learn to enjoy each other’s company-and while you’re at it, it won’t hurt to practice respect, honesty, and sensitivity. To learn how to keep the magic alive, WECT went to Bridge Builders Counseling Center. They say that most couples might think the main reason they fight is because of money, kids, family issues, or pure annoyance with each other!
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Brain Scans Show Married Love Can Last

Remember the intensity of falling madly in love? Ever feel like the passing years, the never-ending housework and the demands of raising a family and working have quashed your infatuation for your spouse? New research using brain scans suggests some married couples hold on to that passion and romance for decades or more. When gazing at a photo of their beloved, the brains of couples married 10 or more years who considered themselves “intensely” in love with their partners lit up similarly to scans of newly in-love couples.
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