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Drew Peterson and her Pen Pal Diana Grandel

Drew Peterson

The 40 years old Diana Grandel met Peterson first time when she was 14-years old. Peterson was young cop that time and rescued her and her family form an abusive father. Grandel wrote a letter to Peterson after his arrest for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio in 2009.  She showed her support for him. Soon their relationship turned strange and she started getting mails from Peterson. Peterson wrote to send her photos in bikini and many such things. She also wrote positively to him. They have exchange more than 200 letters for about a year and a half and discuss many things including flirtatious and sexual intentions.

Last summer, Grandel lost everything in an apartment fire and Peterson offered her clothing of  his fourth wife Stacy Peterson who is not seen anywhere for last 2 and a half  years (since 2007). Fire incident forced Grandel to think that how Stacy can leave everything including kids and go away. Now she thinks that Peterson had killed her and this is end of a pen pal friendship.