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Making 2011 the Year of Great Relationships

Made any New Year’s resolutions yet? Here’s an idea: Focus on the state of your relationships instead of the state of your abs. Increasingly, experts have been telling us how important social bonds are to well-being, affecting everything from how our brains process information to how our bodies respond to stress. People with strong connections to others may live longer. The quality of our relationships is the single biggest predictor of our happiness.
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It’s True: Money Can’t Buy Happiness, Study Finds

Research based on 37 countries finds no link between economic growth and greater life satisfaction. People’s happiness doesn’t necessarily increase as their income rises, a new study suggests. Researchers examined the link between economic growth and happiness in 37 countries over a minimum of 10 years and an average of 22 years. The countries included in the study were rich and poor, ex-Communist and capitalist.
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Hey guys similarly you cannot buy love with money. Are you agree with met?
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