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How To Make Friends During Maternity Leave

While chatting to a fellow mum at a playgroup about how we keep the kids entertained all day, she exclaimed ‘I’ve never had such a busy social life since I became a mum!’ It struck me that my own experience was quite different. While I was expecting my daughter, several friends of mine who’d had babies told me how they had a whole new group of friends, who they had met at various mother and baby groups. So I was looking forward to spending my maternity leave with a group of new best friends, going round to each other house’s for coffee and meeting up for play dates. However, making new friends with other mums turned out to be much harder than I anticipated.

Back To Work Mums

While I made a great group of friends by joining the NCT for antenatal classes while I was pregnant, my friends all returned to work after 12 months, which left me, a stay at home mum, feeling like I was back at square one in regards to having people to meet up with during the day! I’d never had problems before making friends, whether it be at uni, or at work, but making friends with other mums is a whole new kettle of fish. It’s not because other mums are standoffish and unapproachable, far from it, at playgroups they’re normally very friendly and mums often praise each other’s children, but going from having nice chat with a mum at a group, to following through and meeting up outside the playgroup, is a massive leap. Add to that the fact that mums are the busiest people I know, often having to rush home to get chores done or pick up older children from school, and it’s hard to find people to spend your day with.

Get Out There

Looking after a child can be a very isolating experience if you don’t have friends to meet up with during the day. No matter how much you love spending time with your child, you need to have adult company too. It’s vital then when you become a new mum, to make a big effort to meet people, so you don’t become lonely. My own experience has shown me that friends don’t always just ‘happen’, you have to be proactive. Go to as many groups as you can, first time mum’s groups are great as most other mum’s will be in the same situation as you and will want to make new friends. There are also breastfeeding groups, postnatal yoga (some where you use your baby as a weight, so you don’t need a babysitter!), mother and baby swimming classes, music classes, sensory classes, and more! There are so many groups you can go to, and once you’re there, swallow your shyness and approach people. Most other mum’s will be in the same situation, and will love the opportunity to make new friends. At the end of a group, why not suggest going for a coffee, or going together to take the kids to a nearby park. Don’t worry about looking desperate, no one will think that and you might make a great new friend out of it!

After going to one particular playgroup a few times, one of the mum’s I chatted to invited me to a night out they were all having. I went along and haven’t looked back, I’ve now made a lovely group of friends, and my daughter loves spending time with the other mum’s children (another reason to make friends with other mums!) If I hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t have made those friends, so I really recommend being proactive and get talking to people!


A friend of mine who also found it hard to meet other mums now she was stay at home mum, took a different approach. After going to mother and baby groups she felt too shy to approach people, so she went on netmums instead. Here you can post a message saying you’re a mum and would like to meet other mums in your area. She now has a great group of mum friends she meets up with regularly. So this is definitely worth doing if you find it too intimidating approaching people!

Alice from www.pregnancy.co.uk is trying to help people understand exactly what they can do to make friends after they have given birth!

How to Use Speed Dating to Find Love

Too busy for love – let speed dating help

In our ever busier world, meeting that special someone can be a challenge all of its own. In generations gone by, people often met their mates through friends, study, work, or mutual interests. And although there are still many cases of romance over the cubicle walls or the easels at the local art class, speed dating offers a thoroughly modern and time-efficient way to at the very least have a fun night out and maybe even meet your soul mate.

Keep an open mind

Even in our enlightened computer age, where online dating is common, a confession that you’re off speed dating will sometimes meet with raised eyebrows or an amused grin; but you’re equally likely to meet a new partner via speed dating. As with any new experience, the key is to be open-minded and relaxed. Don’t go into the event with preconceptions. A wide variety of people turn up to speed-dating events, from business-people to nurses to farmers to teachers to students. Some just want a slightly different evening out. Some want to make new friends. And many genuinely want to meet pleasant people in a safe, chaperoned environment – and who knows, one just might turn out to be Mr, or Ms, Right.

Selling yourself at speed dating

At most speed-dating events, you get just a few minutes to sell yourself, in the nicest possible way – usually somewhere between three and five minutes, not long enough to reveal your deepest soul, but long enough to make an impression. In effect, the event is a series of mini-dates. So this is no time to be modest or shy. You need to present yourself as well as possible. Dress smartly but not too over the top – go for colours that suit you and classic styles that highlight your best features. Don’t go over the top with make-up or scent. When you’re chatting, smile, and make eye contact, but don’t make it too intense. Be confident, interested in, and focused on, the person you’re talking to – and whether you’re male or female, listening attentively is an incredibly attractive personality trait.

Keep the conversation flowing

Have some questions ready to ask your potential dates to keep the conversation flowing. You need to establish quickly how compatible you might be, so starting with some general questions can help break the ice. Some speed-dating organisers offer a list of questions to help you, but depending on the environment, you might want to add questions to make it more interesting for both of you. Which superhero would you like to be, perhaps, and why; or if you were a cocktail, what would you be? Or make use of the “choices” game: salmon or steak? Country or coast? Motorbike or air balloon?

How do you know if they’re interested?

Look for signs of interest in the person you’re talking to. Classic signs include body language that’s mirrored; a gentle brush of the hand on the lower arm; signs of grooming, such as fiddling with hair, mouth or collars; moistening of lips; and nodding. Many speed dating events offer sheets to help you remember who you’ve spoken to and how compatible you found them – often either as a friend or as a potential partner, or as a “sorry, you’re not my type”. If there is the slightest spark of interest or chemistry between you – follow it up. You never know where it might lead.


Article written by a USA dating expert

Online Dating is Become More Popular for College Students

Are you a busy college student who just doesn’t have as much time as your friends to go out and live it up? Sure, you want to meet new people, but your studies and your grades come first. You would rather make Dean’s list than get a date or go to a party. You value your education. At times, you think that it would be nice to meet someone who has the same values as you do. While your friends are all going out to drink and dance, you decide to look online and see if you can find someone with the same goals and interests as you do. Online dating is becoming more popular for college students because it is convenient and because no one has to know you’re doing it. 

Online dating websites do require you to make an account, but your friends don’t have to know. Because most of the correspondence is done online, it stays between you and the person you are talking to. If you decide to go out on a date, you do not have to tell your friends. This can be a great way to meet new people as well. You will get to learn a bit about the person before you ever talk to them. Online dating profiles require you to write a bit about yourself and your interests. You can decide whether or not the person seems appealing to you and if you think they are someone that you would like to get to know, you can contact them. If not, on to the next one. Many students find that this is convenient for them because they are socially awkward or just aren’t as much of a social butterfly as their friends. If you should find someone to date online, you can choose to delete the account, and you should know that you can delete at any time. You will no longer have to face rejection like you would on campus or even the embarrassment of walking into a classroom with someone you dated and broke up with. Many people take comfort in this and for this reason alone have resorted to online dating.

Whatever your reason may be to look into online dating, now is the time. If you want to meet someone new in your spare time without the commitment or social awkwardness, online dating can be a perfect way for you to do it. Try it out and see if you like it. Many college students are. If you do not like it, you can always delete your account and go back to dating the traditional way with no harm done. Your friends won’t have to know and you won’t have to face embarrassment. It will only take a few minutes out of your day to set up an account and if something good comes from it, it’ll all be worth it in the end!

About the Author

Michael R. is a writer for MyCriminalJusticeCareers.com. If you really want to learn how to become a forensic scientist, you can learn more about  forensic scientists and what they do. 

Planning a Pinterest Wedding

Brides love making inspiration boards for their weddings. It is a great way to gather all of your favorite ideas in one place and see how they fit together. One of the newest ways to create or peruse wedding inspiration boards is on Pinterest.

In case you are not familiar with the concept of Pinterest, it is simply a website where users can put together boards with different themes. You can “pin” pictures of things that appeal to you on boards so you do not lose track of pictures of things like that amazing ombre wedding cake or the perfect beach theme bridesmaid jewelry. The fun part is that you can have one wedding board with all of your ideas, or as many as you like to explore different options. Maybe you have one board all about different bridal bouquets and another with pictures of altar decorations. It’s up to you.

Another neat thing about using Pinterest to plan your wedding is that you can search and see what others have been posting. If you find an image of your dream wedding gown or some fabulous bridesmaid jewelry gifts, you can re-pin them to your own board so you can easily reference it later. Or if you stumble across a fantastic pair of wedding shoes, pin them to your wedding accessories board. You can also use Pinterest to share your wedding ideas with your family and friends via other social networking tools like Facebook. Just be careful about how you set it up, because you would not want to post a picture of your wedding gown and end up having your groom see it on your Facebook page! As with all social media, you have to be thoughtful about how you use Pinterest to avoid sharing things you meant to keep private.

Brides who are not interested in creating their own inspiration boards can still peruse boards for ideas. A lot of websites are starting to create their own collection of pinboards with wedding themes. For instance, you could follow Martha Stewart Weddings to see gorgeous ideas for ceremony decorations, DIY projects, and wedding cakes. In fact, if you just want some information about where to get great wedding planning ideas, there is a Pinterest boards with links to some of the most popular wedding planning blogs. It is really pretty cool what you can do with this relatively new social networking site.

Whether you are looking for a serious wedding design tool, a way to organize your bookmark images, or just want to look at some gorgeous wedding eye candy, Pinterest is a neat tool. You can use it as a big part of your planning process or as just another part of a comprehensive organization plan. With all of the new online wedding planning tools and websites, there has never been a better time to be a bride!

Bridget Mora is fascinated with the ways that the Internet and social media have affected the age old process of planning a wedding. Internet retailers like Silverland Jewelry are a fantastic place to shop for bridesmaid jewelry and bridal jewelry sets.

Getting the Best Advice on your Relationship from Chat Rooms

If you feel as if your relationship is going through a difficult time, you may need to turn to chat rooms to find out if you or your partner is doing something wrong. You may need advice on how the two of you can improve your relationship especially if you plan on spending the rest of your life with that person. If you have been married for several years and your relationship took a turn for the worst, you may want advice on what you can do to prevent a divorce. If you have children, that can be really hard for them especially having them choose who they want to live with.
The best place to go to for dating advice would be online dating discussion forums and you can talk with other people about your struggles and see what you can do to prevent a break up. On forums, you may find that many people have the same problems that you do. You can learn a lot from forums and you can even help some people out as well. If you met your significant other online, then you can also go to the dating site where you met that person and see if you can get some advice from their chat room.
If you feel as though your marriage may be ending, you can search online for chat rooms that will give you advice and counsel you through your tough times. Depending on the kinds of problems you have, they may suggest that you break it off. Some people may suggest that they went through the same thing and going through a divorce was the best thing for them because they were fighting too much. You do not need to take their advice, but it is helpful reading about people who went through similar situations as you are currently going through.
Even though chat rooms are great places to go for help with your relationship you still could end up in a break up or a divorce because the guy or girl you are with may not be the right one for you. A chat room can also give you advice on how you can tell if that person is or is not the right one for you. When you talk about your problems with other people, it may make you feel great to have your problems out in the open.

Written by Julieth Gonzalez Mezee.me