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Candice Crawford and Tony Romo get Married : Trailer video of wedding

Tony Romo with Candice Crawford

Gorgeous Candice Crawford and Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo got married on May 28th, 2011. Tony and Candice have been dating since 2009 and on December 16, 2010 they were delighted to announce their engagement. The 24-year old former beauty queen and an anchor in Dallas is the little sister of actor Chace Crawford. They got married in Arlington Hall in Dallas, Texas. About 600 guests attended the wedding ceremony. Noticeable guests were football players such as Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Dez Bryant and Miles Austi and actor Chace Crawford. Candice’s wedding ring was a a 7-carat yellow diamond ring with a carat of diamonds around it.

A video entitles “Candice and Tony’s Wedding Trailer” was posted on Vimeo. It included glimpse of celebrations of couple’s marriage in Dallas. In video Candice was seen getting ready with her bridesmaids and walking in fabulous wedding gown. In nearly three-and-a-half-minute clip 31-year-old Romo can also be seen.  This video by Joe Simon Films also included other details of the wedding celebration. Soon the video also appeared on YouTube but later pulled from everywhere.

Young Couples Often Disagree About Monogamy, Study Finds

Many young American couples can’t agree on whether they’ve decided to have sex only with each other, a new study shows. Oregon State University researchers analyzed data collected from 434 heterosexual married and non-married couples, aged 18 to 25. In 40 percent of those couples, one partner said the couple had agreed to be monogamous while the other partner said there was no such deal. Even among couples who agreed that they had decided to have sex only with each other, nearly 30 percent had broken that agreement, with at least one partner having sex outside the relationship, the findings indicated.
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Brain Scans Show Married Love Can Last

Remember the intensity of falling madly in love? Ever feel like the passing years, the never-ending housework and the demands of raising a family and working have quashed your infatuation for your spouse? New research using brain scans suggests some married couples hold on to that passion and romance for decades or more. When gazing at a photo of their beloved, the brains of couples married 10 or more years who considered themselves “intensely” in love with their partners lit up similarly to scans of newly in-love couples.
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Gabrielle Giffords’ love story with husband Mark Kelly

Gabrielle Gifford and Mark Kelly

The man keeping vigil at the bedside of his wife, wounded Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is himself an authentic American hero. Mark Kelly,46, is from a West Orange,New Jersey Irish American family,a former member of the Irish America magazine top 100 and a devoted husband and father. He has a twin brother Scott also an astronaut. His parents, Richard and Patricia Kelly moved from West Orange to Texas to be nearer their twin astronaut sons. Their Irish roots are in Cork and Kerry.
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Research: Couples benefit when they set aside time for themselves

The holidays are now a fond memory; a couple vacation days, some special time with family, a little break from routine. But now we are back at it. The demands of work, getting kids where they need to go, household chores and volunteer work can fill our winter days quickly. Amidst all the activity, it may be tough for couples to find time to spend alone with each other. But research suggests that couples can benefit from setting aside special time just for themselves.
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