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Book: Premarital Sex in America, How Young Americans Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying


The period of young adulthood, from ages 18 to 23, is popularly considered the most sexualized in life. But is it true? What do we really know about the sexual lives of young people today?

Premarital Sex in America combines illuminating personal stories and comprehensive research surveys to provide the fullest portrait of heterosexuality among young adults ever produced. Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker draw upon a wealth of survey data as well as scores of in-depth interviews with young adults from around the country, both in and out of college. Digging underneath stereotypes and unexamined assumptions, the authors offer compelling–and often surprising–answers to such questions as: How do the emotional aspects of sexual relations differ between young men and women? What role do political orientations play in their sexual relations? How have online dating and social networking sites affected the relationships of emerging adults? Why are young people today waiting so much longer to marry? How prevalent are nontraditional forms of sex, and what do people think of them? To better understand what drives the sexual behaviors of emerging adults, Regnerus and Uecker pay special attention to two important concepts: sexual scripts, the unwritten and often unconscious rules that guide sexual behavior and attitudes; and sexual economics, a theory which suggests that the relative scarcity of men on college campuses contributes to the “hookup” culture by allowing men to diminish their level of commitment and thereby lower the “price” they have to “pay” for sex.

For anyone wishing to understand how sexual relations between young adults have changed and are changing, Premarital Sex in America will serve as a touchstone for years to come.

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  • This book is the only one to pull together the authors’ and others’ analyses from the largest and best study of young adult sexual behavior at present (the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, Wave III in early adulthood)
  • The ”sexual economics” theory employed by the authors leads to bold (yet accurate) claims

7 Ways to Fix Your Marriage

No matter what anyone tells you – no marriage is perfect. Just ask Alisa Bowman. She was so miserable at one point – she even planned her husband’s funeral over and over again in her mind. But instead of giving up on her relationship, she decided to brave the storm, and embark on a four-month journey to save her marriage.
In her new book, “Project: Happily Ever After,” she talks about that life-changing journey and offers advice and tips to other “miserably-married” couples who may be finding themselves at the point of no return. She shared a few of these tips with FoxNews.com:
1. Look in the mirror. I initially thought that my husband was 100 percent to blame for our marriage problems. It wasn’t until I took a good, hard, humbling look in the mirror that I was able to see that our problems originated with me. I’d failed time and time again to tell him what I wanted, what I was thinking, how I felt, and how his actions (or inactions) affected me. Once I started speaking up for myself, our marriage improved.
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Kim Zolciak to Write A Book on Relationship

Kim Zolciak

Dr. Farrah Gray, founder of Farrah Gray Publishing, has confirmed that Kim Zolciak had signed a deal with them to pen a book about love and dating. Kim one dated a man known as Big Poppa then had a fling with a female DJ named Tracy Young. At present she have 24 year old defensive lineman named Kroy Bierman. I am surprised what she will write about relationship.