Best actress Oscar award destroy marriages

According to a new study done by the researchers at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and Carnegie Mellon University, winner of best actress are more likely to give divorce that best actor award winners. Research has suggested that the historically men have greater status and power than women and a strain in relationship starts if condition is reversed. The total of 751 nominees in the best actor and actress categories of the Academy Awards between1936 to 2010 was chosen for the study. Statistically, the best Actress winners have a 63% chance of their marriages ending sooner than the marriages of non-winners. The median marriage duration for Best Actress winners was 4.30 years, substantially lower than the 9.51 year marriage duration for non-winners. Contrasting this, the difference between best actor non-winners (median, 12.66 years) and best actor winners (median, 11.97 years) was not statistically significant.

Many best actress Oscar winners including Joan Crawford (1946), Bette Davis (1936 and 1939), Reese Witherspoon (2005), Hilary Swank (2004), Halle Berry (2001), Sandra Bullock  (2009 ), Katherine Hepburn (1933) and Kate Winslet (2008) got separated after winning academy award.

This suggest that this year’s academy award nominees Nicole Kidman and Annette Bening may also be at higher risk for a divorce if they win the Oscar for best actress.

Nicole Kidman: Academy award nominee 2010

Annette Bening: : Academy award nominee 2010

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