Guide for buying sexy lingerie as a gift

Women love sexy lingerie. If they are not showing it off to their friends, they’ll be turning your head over the edge by putting it on. There is no better time to buy lingerie for your girlfriend than the day she’s celebrating her birthday. This is the day when many of her friends will be around to celebrate her, and a sexy lingerie gift will just make her fall in love with you the more. You however need to do it right. If you don’t want to end up creating any kind of upset instead of making your girlfriend feel happy on her birthday; here is a guide you should find useful to help you make the correct decision:

The first thing you must understand clearly is that her birthday is not the day you want to get lingerie you would love to see her wear. This is the day you should get her what you know she would love to wear; therefore you need to study her properly before you hit the stores. There is no magic you can perform to make a lady who loves leather lingerie to appreciate the lace lingerie you have bought for her. Even if she accepts it, she will feel very uncomfortable wearing it and you will notice that disapproval right at the moment she set her eyes on it. If your girlfriend is shy then don’t pick the see-through lace rather, buy her something that protects her conservativeness e.g. satins. Other lingerie fabric you can consider include polyester/polyamide, Lycra and silk – which is the safest option.

If you get the lingerie fabric choice right then you should ensure never to goof on size. Getting this wrong can set the entire universe crashing down so pay total attention to it. Your lingerie gift should neither be too big or too small; it must be of the right size ! One way to know her right size is to sneak into her wardrobe and check out the measurement on the labels of her knickers and bra. This provides the easiest way for you to get her the exact sexy lingerie without her having to try them on. If you don’t have access to these stuffs then you can try asking her close friends.

Make sure that you get her the right color. This should either be her favorite or something that matches the color of her hair. If you’re choosing hair matching lingerie then buy purple, red or teal for brunettes. Pastels will be excellent for the blondes while redheads will be comfortable with green and blue. Make sure you understand her preferred style. Use the knowledge you have about what part of her body she loves most to determine what you should buy e.g. a lady who admire her legs should get babydoll dresses that will make her pins shine. Never buy her everyday lingerie because it doesn’t qualify as a gift. Knowing when she’s most likely going to wear it can also be of immense benefits. Suspender, thongs, bra and stockings will be awesome if she’s going to wear it under her dress on night outs, while camisole and sorties will be excellent for her to wear as she lazy on a couch on a sunny Sunday morning.

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