Tips & Ideas for Planning a Summer Wedding

As summer approaches many people are preparing to get married and might be in need of some tips to make their wedding the best it can be. Summer time is a great time to have a wedding, for many reasons. The main reason is because you’re more likely to have good weather on your wedding day, which is a plus is many different ways.

Before I provide a few ideas for a summer wedding, let me fist list a few of the reasons why it’s a good idea to have your wedding during the summer months:

  • Warmer weather – which is good for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, not to mention the fact that everyone loves to have their wedding pictures taken outside next to flowers and other complimentary landscapes.
  • People’s schedules are generally more open – this is because they have vacation time and kids are out of school.
  • People are more inclined to spend money when the weather is warmer – this is good for you because it means you will get better gifts!
  • Traveling is safer when the weather is warmer for family and friends who will need to drive or fly longer distances to attend your wedding.

Now let me give you a few tips that will hopefully make your summer wedding more enjoyable and logistically sound:

  1. The first tip I would give you is to plan early. While this is true for any season when you are getting married, it’s especially true for the summer months because things are more likely to be booked during the summer when people are more active.
  2. The second tip is for those who will be holding your ceremony or reception party outside. While this one might seem obvious, you need to plan to have your event during the cooler hours of the day, which are the morning or evening hours. I have attended too many weddings outside where everyone attending, including the bride and groom, all melt like wax candles. Summer evening weddings or receptions are actually some of the most amazing weddings you will ever go to. You have so many options with outdoor lighting when you do it outside at night.
  3. The last tip is to do some pest control. Yeah, you heard me, I said pest control in a wedding article. For anyone who has attended an outdoor summer wedding, especially in the South, bugs are always an issue. There are several things you can do to combat mosquitoes and other bugs that can ruin your wedding. Some people like to get those tiki torches that repel mosquitoes. You can also buy some profession grade mosquito control products, like Talstar, and spray it yourself on trees and bushes before the event. You can also buy these mosquito dunks, which you place in ponds and other water sources that work really well to kill mosquitoes eggs.

Lastly, let me provide you with a few ideas you can use to make your outdoor summer wedding a little more memorable:

  • As mentioned previously, hanging lights in the trees, on the bushes, and on the ground can really bring an outdoor wedding to life. With lighting, you have many different options; one popular option is to use small battery operated LED lights. You can get them in all different colors. Tiki torches are also good to set a fun mood at night. As mentioned above, they also help with mosquitoes.
  • Tents are also very popular for outdoor weddings. If done right tents can also bring a certain magical feeling to a wedding, not to mention the fact that they will provide shade.
  • If your wedding will be held during the warmer hours of the day, and you are using tents, it’s also a good idea to set up a water misting system that hangs from the parameter of the tents. This can be used to cool people down but can also bring a magical feeling to the event. You can also rent some large fans, set them off in the distance a ways, and attach some misting hoses to them; this can create a light breeze with a hint of water to it that can really cool large crowds down on a hot day.
  • The last idea is a more specific lighting idea. Take a bunch of thin black rope and sting lines high up across the area you will having your ceremony or reception. Now take white Christmas light strands and hang them down from the lines at all different lengths. You can cut some of them shorter and just cap off the bottoms to make the safe. Even after the longest ones hang all the way down you still want them to be high enough that people can’t quite reach them. This means you will need to find some really high places to tie the main support ropes. On a really dark night, with these lights as the only light source, it will create the illusion of a star field hang in just above everyone’s heads.

Hopefully you learned at least one thing from this article that can make your summer wedding better. Above everything else, just remember to enjoy your wedding day and remember what it’s really all about.

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