Ready, Set, Go – Plan Your Wedding Fast!

Spring is already here, and if you want to tie the knot this summer, you had better get hopping on the wedding planning. While organizing a wedding in a rush is not easy, it definitely can be done. Check out these tips on how to plan your wedding lighting fast!

Be Flexible:

The first tip is to be flexible. Sit down with your fiance and discuss the general size and style of wedding you would like. From there, be open to pretty much anything that fits those parameters. It might mean having a Thursday evening event so you can get the reception venue that strikes your fancy. You will have to be open minded about what type of wedding gown you wear, because there is no time to get into special orders. Choose a gown that looks great on you, dress it up with fabulous wedding jewelry, and move on to the next thing on your list! When you are planning your wedding on the fly, getting stuck on one particular idea is not an option.

Accept Help:

The next piece of advice is to get help with organizing your wedding. When time is of the essence, you need all the help you can get. Even if you consider yourself to be an organized person, hiring a wedding planner would be a very smart move in this situation. Also round up family and friends who would be willing to pitch in and delegate tasks to them (within reason, of course – they have their own lives to lead). Let your aunt with the beautiful handwriting address the invitations. Ask your mom to pick out candies for the wedding favors. Get your fiance to research limos or other forms of transportation. You will be busy enough with the tasks that can only be done by you, like choosing your bouquet, bridal gown, and sparkly wedding jewelry; anything that you can hand off to another person should be delegated. It may mean giving up some control over the details, but at least everything will get done in time.

Be Decisive:

If there is one critical thing to keep in mind when planning a wedding with a short time frame, it is to be decisive. There is no time to hem and haw over decisions, particularly because your options are likely to be somewhat limited to begin with. If you meet a fantastic wedding photographer who is available because she just had a cancellation for your wedding date, grab her! Otherwise some other last minute bride will snap her up while you are thinking about it. For some brides, the pressure to make quick decisions actually relieves a lot of the anxiety over planning the “perfect” wedding. With less time to agonize over each and every tiny detail, it can be easier to say, “That looks good”, and move on without second guessing yourself.

Be Resourceful:

The final tip to planning a great wedding in no time flat is to be creative in how you source things. You might not have enough time for a lot of special orders, but you can nonetheless get everything that you need for your special day. For instance, if you cannot find a florist who is available on short notice, order flowers online or even from the grocery store. No good caterer open for your date? Book a restaurant to cater your reception. With a little creativity and a lot of organization, it is definitely possible to plan a memorable wedding in just a couple of months.

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