Planning a Pinterest Wedding

Brides love making inspiration boards for their weddings. It is a great way to gather all of your favorite ideas in one place and see how they fit together. One of the newest ways to create or peruse wedding inspiration boards is on Pinterest.

In case you are not familiar with the concept of Pinterest, it is simply a website where users can put together boards with different themes. You can “pin” pictures of things that appeal to you on boards so you do not lose track of pictures of things like that amazing ombre wedding cake or the perfect beach theme bridesmaid jewelry. The fun part is that you can have one wedding board with all of your ideas, or as many as you like to explore different options. Maybe you have one board all about different bridal bouquets and another with pictures of altar decorations. It’s up to you.

Another neat thing about using Pinterest to plan your wedding is that you can search and see what others have been posting. If you find an image of your dream wedding gown or some fabulous bridesmaid jewelry gifts, you can re-pin them to your own board so you can easily reference it later. Or if you stumble across a fantastic pair of wedding shoes, pin them to your wedding accessories board. You can also use Pinterest to share your wedding ideas with your family and friends via other social networking tools like Facebook. Just be careful about how you set it up, because you would not want to post a picture of your wedding gown and end up having your groom see it on your Facebook page! As with all social media, you have to be thoughtful about how you use Pinterest to avoid sharing things you meant to keep private.

Brides who are not interested in creating their own inspiration boards can still peruse boards for ideas. A lot of websites are starting to create their own collection of pinboards with wedding themes. For instance, you could follow Martha Stewart Weddings to see gorgeous ideas for ceremony decorations, DIY projects, and wedding cakes. In fact, if you just want some information about where to get great wedding planning ideas, there is a Pinterest boards with links to some of the most popular wedding planning blogs. It is really pretty cool what you can do with this relatively new social networking site.

Whether you are looking for a serious wedding design tool, a way to organize your bookmark images, or just want to look at some gorgeous wedding eye candy, Pinterest is a neat tool. You can use it as a big part of your planning process or as just another part of a comprehensive organization plan. With all of the new online wedding planning tools and websites, there has never been a better time to be a bride!

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