Why the marriage gap is bad for America

Over the past 40 years, marriage has foundered among the poor, with the nation’s attention especially focused on the decline of marriage in poor black communities. But an important new report finds that “the retreat from marriage has now clearly moved into the precincts of [both] black and white Middle America.”
The report, “When Marriage Disappears: The Retreat from Marriage in Middle America,” was released by the National Marriage Project, a nonpartisan initiative at the University of Virginia directed by family scholar W. Bradford Wilcox.
Wilcox’s study finds that over the last 30 years, among what the report calls “Middle Americans” (the 58% of moderately educated Americans who have a high school degree), the proportion of children born outside of marriage skyrocketed from 13% to 44% while the portion of adults in an intact first marriage dropped from 73% to 45%.
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39% of Americans say ‘marriage’ is obsolete. Almost 1 in 3 American children is living with a divorced, separated, or never married parent. What is a family in today’s America? American’s still believe in the centrality of family, even as the arrangements of family life today have changed so dramatically.

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