What is love?

How much you understand your beloved is the key of success of any relationship. Everything cannot be told. If you understand your love, you can read eyes and body language. If you cannot then you are just friends.

Second indicator of love is willingness to help. Unless the next person is spouse, one cannot/ will not ask for help on every topic. But if you understand her then you can see and feel that she needs help.

Next thing which is not part of love but it makes love stronger. You should believe your love and should give sufficient freedom. Loving someone doesn’t mean owning her. She is also a complete individual. Loving someone doen’t permits you to disliked her from the social circle.  She also has sufficient right to interact with variety of people/ friends around her.

Everybody’s priorities are different. Mentalities are also different. Many things which is not good may be correct from her point of view. These mentalities may be harmful for her.  You should guide her to suppress such mentality and thoughts.

Everybody has a personal boundary in which one separate different people. The unknown comes on the corner of the circle. And most loved one comes near to the center of circle. If she loves you most, she will keep you closer to the center and allow you to come closest and be intimate.

All requirements listed above is required for loving someone. If one or two of above mentioned requirements are missing then it simply means that there is a blockage in love. For example

1)      Only understanding: You are deep observer. You know how good the person is with whom you are talking with.

2)      Only help: You are good friends.

3)      Only guidance: You are good psychologist and helper/ friend.

4)      Only intimacy: You are in lust. Once get intimate you will need more. If the intimacy is not supplemented further then your relationship is over.

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