How to Attract Men: Environment Matters

It is sometimes very difficult for certain women to attract potential men’s attention. They may be pretty, they may have great body and everything else they ever need to attract men. In short, physically they have been blessed with everything that should have given them distinct advantages over other women who are not as fortunate. But still, virtually no man has ever asked them for a date.

What’s wrong with these ladies? Why the other women, who are, to be blunt, physically less attractive can have queues of man waiting in their list for a date but these gorgeous women cannot get even one date? It seems as if they are invisible to those men.

Men are very visual. They are easily attracted to beautiful women more than anything else. So, if such great women seem invisible to men around them, there must be something wrong. The concerned ladies should introspect themselves to find out what’s wrong with them or with their surroundings.

There are many factors that can hamper a woman’s chance to get noticed by potential men. It will be too many to discuss every one of them here. So, let’s pick one to discuss: the woman’s environment.

She may be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if she spends her everyday life in an environment where there are no more available men, for example in a chemical lab where all of the colleagues there have been married, her chance to get a date is virtually zero. Unless she is willing to occasionally skip her daily routines to engage in other social activities, potential men may never notice her presence.

Many of these women also always surround themselves with their friends when they go out. To some men, who happen to be attracted to the lady in question, her friends can become like an impenetrable fortress. So, although it is okay to go with your friends, make sure you occasionally leave the group to allow people outside your group to approach you.

Being in group, surrounded by the old friends who have known you for long may give you some sense of security. But what goodness it will bring you if, by always doing that, you lose all of your chances to meet the right man man that you have been dreaming for life?

Indeed, going out alone may require courage and a little more self-confidence because you will no longer have those buddies who will back you up. But trust me, you will gain much more than just the illusion of security feelings like when you are among your crowd.

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