Gifts for Every Kind of Guy

When it comes to men they can be incredibly hard to buy for, so when birthdays and Christmas roll around panic quickly sets in. If you are currently in the midst of such panic, help is at hand in the form of this useful guide out together to aid gift buying for every type of guy.

The Geek

If he would rather be watching Lord of the Rings than a game of football, you may think he is the hardest of all to buy for. There are plenty of places you can go that will cater to his interests and hobbies such as Warhammer and role playing games always need extra items such as specialist paints, figures or accessories.

The Football Fan

When a bloke supports a football team, you can’t really go far wrong with a piece of memorabilia or anything related to the club. Whether it’s the new season shirt complete with their name on the back or a vintage programme you can rest assured it will be cherished.

The Business Man

Some men are just always at the office and seeing them in jeans and a t-shirt is a rarity which can make them tricky to buy for. Cool desk top gadgets such as mini hoovers and executive memo holders are a great present for guys like this and will undoubtedly come in useful during their long working days.

The Music Lover

If you rarely see him without his iPod in tow and know a few of his favorite bands, why not take a look and see if they are playing close by at some point and grab a couple of tickets for him? Alternatively, you could purchase some band memorabilia such as a T-shirt or even a rare recording (great id they love a classic band that are no longer recording).

The Hippie

If he is a lover of all things green you need to be careful what you are buying so as not to offend. There are plenty of online shops that sell environmentally friendly gifts and cruelty free soaps and deodorants so why not show him that you value his choices by making sure his gift is green. Another great alternative is to sponsor something you know is of importance to him; from animals to children you can find the perfect sponsorship.

If you are looking for a gift suitable for the man in your life, take a moment to assess what category he might fit into and consider one of these ideas to give him a present he will be truly grateful for.

About Author: Sophie works alongside Gifts for Geeks and understands that men can be tough to buy for, so knowing where to go for a gift that suits their interests is really important.

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