Can You Differentiate Between Love and Sex

Ashley Hebert

Today I read an article about Ashley Hebert on According to the report Ashley Hebert had sex with Ben Flajnik the night just before J.P. Rosenbaum proposed. She claimed that she is in love with him and that’s why she had accepted his proposal.
Ashley Hebert swimsuit

Now the question raised in the article that is it possible that you are truly in love while having sex with another? Is sex and love is different? Or, whether having sex with another guy is cheating?

Some people generally think that love and sex is different. Sex is something which you do for enjoyment while love is something which makes you complete. They believe that sex is not the union of soul but it is just the physical encounter. Whether such people who think in this manner are confused? Physical intimacy is the thing which happens only when you allow somebody to invade your personal space. One cannot allow invading personal space in case of dislike and how can somebody like many. Many people also argue that you should know about the sexual efficiency before deciding life partner and the only way to know this is sex. Are you going to marry just for sex or for getting someone who cares?

So guys what do you think?

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