Introduction to Love Guru Tips
Love Guru Tips blog was started in 2010 by Blog Organization. It is fully dedicated to all lovers. Successful relationship needs commitments from both sides. Not everybody is expert in understanding the needs of his/her partner. Every successful relation also always has chances for improvement. Here is the place where one can discuss things which can make “Love Life” successful. Here we also discuss the love life of celebrities.


We respect people with knowledge and interest in respective fields. We offer opportunities to earn extra money on part time basis to students and working individuals. Anybody with knowledge and experience in our niche area can join us and contribute.

At present we are not offering full time jobs. We provides options to earn extra money depending on quality and quantity of work. Enthusiastic people are encouraged to associate with us at any time. We are looking for people with normal computer skills and have interest in our niche area. Even people with normal skill/knowledge can apply. Only requirement for our internship program is a computer with internet connection. Students are specially encouraged to apply for internship during vacation. Internship can be used as a platform to gain skills. It can help you in getting permanent job or starting your own initiatives.

Contribution can be made in two ways – either by modifying the look of website (web designing) or by writing articles (content development) keeping our niche area in mind. All interns will be given certificate of appreciation at the end of their internship period by Blog Organization.

There is no time bound for joining or leaving our programs. Thecompensation for the interns will be based on quality and quantity of the work. However as guide the minimum compensation will be as follows.

  1. Per unique articles in niche area: Rs. 10 (Indian Rupee)  [sample unique article; 1, 2]
  2. Per news article in the niche area: (Rs. 3)  [sample news article; 1, 2, 3, 4]

The above earning in other currency is as follows.


There is no limitation on number of article written per day. The plagiarism is not allowed. Directly copying and publishing in our website will result in end of our contract. For authors good command on English language is required. At present we do not offer article written in another language. Authors can claim for money after earning Rs. 500. There is no permanent contract and interns can leave at any time. However minimum of one month (with about 50 published articles) is required for certificate given by Blog Organization. We also have opportunities at some other niche areas.

Please contact us in case of any query or fill the online application form given below if  interested.

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