Enhance your Life, Special Occasions and Relationships

When we were younger we girls probably all had a best friend and the first piece of jewellery I can remember buying was a ‘best friends’ necklace. These were two necklaces on which were the broken pieces of two hearts that fit together. If you put them together, they would spell out ‘Best Friend’.  There is so much jewellery on the market today that is socially associated with conveying a personal message some even enhance people’s lives, relationships and special occasions. Today these necklaces have become popular again and have even been given an update for couples; this again consists of two parts of a necklace which can have your name engraved upon each piece.

Fashionable Trends Today

Currently as fashion dictates it has perhaps become more popular to give your best friend a name necklace. These can be gold or silver plated and are named after the character Carrie in the television program Sex and the City, who famously lost her favorite name necklace in the final episode before finding it again and realizing that her true future lay with her former partner Big and that her heart would always belong to New York City. Personalized name necklaces are being marketed towards individuals who feel like a name necklace will enhance their feelings of self-confidence and identity they have in themselves. There are many different styles to choose from now, from monogram necklaces, to names with enamel hangings like a butterfly to those enhance with crystal settings.

Enhance People’s Lives

There are so many other ways that jewellery can enhance life, the main one being that they can be given as a gift on special occasions. This is of course, a common modern custom. How about a name necklace for your mum on Mother’s Day, or a circle of love pendant on Valentine’s? Why not buy a personalized silver necklace with a ‘First baby steps’ design to celebrate? Birthstone necklaces make a great present for a birthday girl, as the stone represents the particular month of birth. January, for example, has garnet as its birthstone while the March birthstone is Aquamarine.

Other Uses in Today’s Society

Much jewellery is very expensive but personalized jewellery is becoming more popular and represents reasonable value for money. The traditional jewellery customs are being enhanced by personalization. The engagement and wedding ring is being updated with personalized engravings. Costume jewellery is being worn for special occasions like Black Tie events or cocktail parties and can be a great substitute for wearing more expensive jewellery, which may get lost or damaged with all the fun.

Occasions to Wear a Bit of Sparkle

Other events naturally call for jewellery, like an anniversary. Fifty years of marriage, for example, is a Golden Jubilee when it is traditional to give a gift of gold jewellery. Sixty years call for diamond and platinum. The more humble garnet is traditionally given for a two year anniversary.

Jewellery has been employed by ancient cultures around the world up to the present day to beautify and express. Nowadays, fashion jewellery sold in high street stores make it easier to buy cheaper jewellery for everyday wear and to make a fashion statement. However, quality and expensive jewellery is still appreciated for its value, its investment potential and its beauty. Diamonds made of cubic zirconia and white sapphire all provide useful cheaper diamond substitutes. Everyone should be able to afford at least some of the jewellery they like, therefore, no matter how expensive it is.

Using jewellery to express our emotions through gift giving is here to stay then, as is the luxury of having jewellery to express how we feel whether that be through a fashion statement or a statement of identity.

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