I Just Love Dancing

I will never forget this day. It was toward the end of the year, I think it was a Sunday, I was seven years old and that year my sister had started going to dancing classes. I actually hadn’t taken much notice I don’t think. She used to go once a week to dance class and this was some end of year concert she had a practice for. It was at the local high school auditorium and I think Mum and I were dropping her off to the practice. But we went in – and it felt like at that moment my life changed forever. I was captivated and completely and utterly taken away like I had fallen in love. I wanted to be part of whatever this was and I sat on this chair watching intently and I didn’t move. I don’t know exactly what it was about it but I wanted to be there and I didn’t want to go home and I didn’t. Mum let me stay there when she went home and when she came to pick up my sister to take her home I still didn’t want to leave. So I didn’t, I stayed sitting on this chair all day watching practice after practice of every age group and could not get enough of it – especially when it got to the older girls doing their routines – I was in heaven, I was in love and did not want it to end. I suppose that’s just human nature to be really affected when you find something you love  – it moves you and you have no control over it.

Dancing is more addictive than any drug

There’s something about dance rehearsal that I love – the feeling is almost addictive, I still get the sensation now when I see a video clip of genuine dance rehearsal – the dirty scuffed stage floor, the empty seating, dancers in their sloppy dance wear– legwarmers and tights – the dance teacher counting them in, determined to get the result they want – the precision of each move being perfected, the playback over and over and of course the rhythm of the music and the power of the dancing.

I was never going to be the same again

When I think about it now I think this moment might have been so significant for me not just because I suddenly realized how much I loved watching people dance and I knew I wanted to learn to dance too but I think this was something I grabbed onto like my life depended on it – like it was going to be my lifeline or my way to survive somehow – I don’t really know but the intensity I felt was so strong it was like it became my meaning to life and I took up dancing with a vengeance the following year.

About Author: Jess just loves Dance. She believes that the more dancing there is in this world the more love there will be, and the more love in this world the better it will be for us all.

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