Online Dating: Why More Student Are Doing it

We live in a world that depends strongly on the use of technology. Everything we do depends on this technology, or so it seems. We no longer have to read books to learn, because anything we want to know can be found on the internet. Likewise, we no longer have to go out to meet new people, as social networking sites have taken over. If you are going to college and you want to meet new people to hang out with and even to go on dates with, this can be done online as well. Why are many students turning to online dating rather than going out to physically meet people? The answer is simple.

Many students are so focused on their studies that they simply cannot find the time to go out and meet people. If making the Dean’s list is something important to you, going to frat parties is the last thing on your list of things to do. You could care less about expanding your social circle, because you have goals for the future. Meeting people to date online is far easier for you because it takes less time and you won’t have to leave your dorm room to do it. Basically, by setting up an online dating account you are talking to people you may be interested in dating online and if you find that you are actually interested in the person you are talking to, you can choose to meet up. However, if you do not like what you read in the person’s profile,  you will be able to move on to the next profile without even contacting them. This can, in the long run, prevent hard feelings and even heartbreak. Many people find that they like online dating because they get to know who they will be going on a date with ahead of time, so they will know what they have in common and what topics can be brought up in an ice breaking conversation. Online dating allows for you to meet people that don’t live locally. This is extremely beneficial if you just want to meet someone new and start a friendship with someone who knows nothing about you. Many college students are doing it, so why can’t you?

If meeting someone new is something you want to do, there is certainly no harm in setting up an online dating profile. Lots of college aged students just like you are doing it every day. You will get the opportunity to see who you could date before you even talk to them, and your friends won’t have to know a thing. You can decide for yourself who is in your league and avoid the embarrassment that comes with being turned down. Because the people you meet online know nothing about you, you can feel confident that you will be starting a new friendship from scratch without being judged. If it turns into a relationship, congratulations for you!

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