Best Places to Score a Date on Campus

There are many places on campus to score a date. You just need to get your mojo on and carpe diem. The hot dates you’re looking to score aren’t hiding from you; they’re in the dorms, libraries, dining halls and at the football games. 

Finding Love in the Dorms

The dorms are a great place to score a date. Since many dorms are co-ed, host a party. The trick here is not to post signs for the party, but go door-to-door and do your inviting. If you meet someone you’re interested in, spend a bit more time talking to them and put the feelers out. If the conversation is going well, you can ask them out on a date right then and there or wait for the party to get to know them better. 

If there’s no one in your dorm that you’re interested in, consider the other dorms. Get creative. You can always bake cupcakes and set up a table outside the dorm. When students come by to grab some free cupcakes, strike up a conversation with the one that strikes your fancy. If you’re a guy and baking is not your thing, just get creative. You can always set up a table with free flyers on how to get the best internet service. The goal is to create the opportunity to meet prospective dates. 

Book Lovers

Many students frequent the campus libraries to study, research or do assignments. Gather all your school paraphernalia and head to the library. In a nonchalant way, you can stroll the library while looking for someone you may be interested in. Once the radar beep goes off, sit at the table your prospect is at or nearby. It’s easy to start a conversation in the library. You can ask if they’ve got a sheet of paper or how to use the library computer. Just keep the conversation light. If you feel the timing isn’t right to ask for a date, leave them with your name and cell number on a sheet of paper. 

Don’t forget about the cute student librarians that work in the library. Many of these students are on a work-study program and will be happy to help you find the books you need. It’s another opportunity to score a date. 

Romance in the Dining Halls

All students have to eat and prospective hot dates can be found during breakfast, lunch or dinner. So you’ve got several opportunities throughout the day to score a date. Strike up a conversation with a prospect while waiting on line for your food. Eye the dining hall and look for someone who strikes your interest. Sit nearby them and strike up a conversation. Find out what their major is and what their interests are. If you’re heading out to a party that night, invite them to go along with you. 

Scoring Points at the Football Game

Hundreds of students attend their college football games. Dress up in your college’s sport colors and get ready to score a date at the game. Check out the stands and sit near someone you may be interested in. Start talking to them about the game and see where the conversation leads. You can also volunteer to work at one of the food stands and do your prospecting that way. Keep a card with your name on in that you can give out, even if it’s something simple like offering tutoring services.

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