A New Day – Moving Up and Moving On After a Breakup

It’s not a topic that a lot of people like to think or talk about, but going through a big breakup, particularly if you were living with the person

As well as maintaining a close support network of friends and family, there are a few extra things you can do to help you through this difficult time. Sometimes focusing your energy elsewhere helps you take your mind of things, and adds to that feeling of “moving on”. So, whether it’s redecorating your space, finding somewhere new to hang out on the weekend, or giving yourself a mini makeover, here’s a guide to how you can use simple techniques to move up and move on after a relationship split.

Out with the old

Your first thought may be to move your ex-partner’s belongings, and while “off a crevasse” seems like a good idea at first, a much better (and more sane) option is self storage. Out of sight, out of mind. You won’t want to be consistently reminded of them every time you see something you know they loved. With these items hidden away, you can be certain that you won’t get yourself into any trouble in a heat-of-the-moment destruction frenzy…

Filling up an empty house

If you’re the one who keeps the place you moved into together, a now partially-empty house is the perfect opportunity to make it your own. A fresh coat of paint (if your landlord allows), some new bold cushions and artworks to make the walls pop, or a new piece of trendy furniture – the space is yours now, so a little bit of new interior décor and retail therapy will help you feel refreshed.

Staying optimistic

Throughout the process, no matter how harrowing it can be to deal with a separation, your friends will always tell you that things will get better. There’s a happier, new day waiting for you on the other side of all the drama. However, in the thick of it, it may be hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel.  But be assured – slowly, the clouds will clear.

Getting social again

Another part of moving on will have to involve starting to be social again, and this doesn’t necessarily mean going out to nightclubs if it’s not your thing. Try things like casual lounge bars, trendy pubs, and singles mixers. At first, it may be daunting, but you’ll slowly find your footing. Meet some interesting people, and your confidence will start to come back in no time.

Michelle Barton is a proud single mother of two, and firmly believes that there’s nothing a fresh coat of paint and some handy self storage can’t help you fix.

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