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How to Attract Men: Environment Matters

It is sometimes very difficult for certain women to attract potential men’s attention. They may be pretty, they may have great body and everything else they ever need to attract men. In short, physically they have been blessed with everything that should have given them distinct advantages over other women who are not as fortunate. But still, virtually no man has ever asked them for a date.

What’s wrong with these ladies? Why the other women, who are, to be blunt, physically less attractive can have queues of man waiting in their list for a date but these gorgeous women cannot get even one date? It seems as if they are invisible to those men.

Men are very visual. They are easily attracted to beautiful women more than anything else. So, if such great women seem invisible to men around them, there must be something wrong. The concerned ladies should introspect themselves to find out what’s wrong with them or with their surroundings.

There are many factors that can hamper a woman’s chance to get noticed by potential men. It will be too many to discuss every one of them here. So, let’s pick one to discuss: the woman’s environment.

She may be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if she spends her everyday life in an environment where there are no more available men, for example in a chemical lab where all of the colleagues there have been married, her chance to get a date is virtually zero. Unless she is willing to occasionally skip her daily routines to engage in other social activities, potential men may never notice her presence.

Many of these women also always surround themselves with their friends when they go out. To some men, who happen to be attracted to the lady in question, her friends can become like an impenetrable fortress. So, although it is okay to go with your friends, make sure you occasionally leave the group to allow people outside your group to approach you.

Being in group, surrounded by the old friends who have known you for long may give you some sense of security. But what goodness it will bring you if, by always doing that, you lose all of your chances to meet the right man man that you have been dreaming for life?

Indeed, going out alone may require courage and a little more self-confidence because you will no longer have those buddies who will back you up. But trust me, you will gain much more than just the illusion of security feelings like when you are among your crowd.

About Author: The author is a contributing author to the Relationship Advice for All website. You can learn more about how to attract men and how to find the right man for your life by clicking the links provided

What Does Being A Gentleman Mean In The 2000s?

Though the term originated in reference to wealthy, educated, land-owning males, “gentleman” has come to more generally signify a man who is considerate, chivalrous, and well-mannered. You might think gentlemen have all but vanished off the face of the earth, a dying breed, a relic of a more polite, more honorable time. You’ll be happy to hear, however, that gentlemen do exist in this modern age. Gentlemen these days may not have the same code of conduct or mannerisms as days gone by, but the underlying ideals of politeness and respect remain the same. Here’s what being a gentlemen means in this brave new world of ours.

Basic Manners, Guys

This might sound silly and obvious, but practicing basic, common-knowledge manners is a fundamental tenet of being a gentleman, both in days gone by and in our modern world. There are the more simple rules, such as chewing with your mouth closed, not interrupting others when they speak, and shaking someone’s hand when you first meet them—all the stuff your mom nagged you about growing up. Then there’s the more abstract stuff, like communicating to others that you’re engaged and interested in what they’re saying, and being thoughtful and even anticipatory in regards to the needs and desires of those around you. Manners are all about communicating respect to the people you interact with, and by doling out respect you, in effect, become respectable yourself.

Treat Your Lady Right!

Now that you’ve got basic manners down, let’s move on to a more complex, yet infinitely rewarding, aspect of modern gentlemanliness: how to treat women. Just because women have gained legal and societal equality (for the most part) does not mean we don’t appreciate being treated nicely. Showing the women in your life respect, kindness, and thoughtfulness will, without fail, earn you major admiration and esteem. How exactly do you go about this? Bring the lady in your life some flowers, surprise her with some jewelry (if you don’t want to break the bank, shop around for some affordable diamond value), or plan an overnight trip to somewhere she’s been dying to go—you’re pretty much trying to figure out ways to show her you care about her and really do listen to what she has to say. Even small things, like opening the door for her or giving her your jacket if it’s cold, go a long way toward winning some major gentleman points.

Wear Your Feminism On Your Sleeve

An absolutely essential part of being a gentleman in today’s society is not only treating women right, but respecting their rights, their equality, and their status as a fellow human being as well. These days, women don’t want to be put up on a pedestal, they don’t want to be patronized, and they don’t want to be treated like a different species. So while it’s important to show the women in your life you care about them by doing nice things for them, it’s equally (if not more) important to communicate your utmost respect for women, their rights, and their abilities. This should, hopefully, not be too difficult, as it pretty much just entails treating women like human beings. You’d be surprised, however, how much it means to encounter pro-women males in a world where we’re still fighting against sexism in our everyday lives.

All of us, even the ladies, could handle being more polite, more thoughtful, and more progressive, so in a way being a gentleman is about striving to be a better human being. So get out there and make the world a little bit brighter with your gentlemanliness today!

About Author: Madeline Marshall is a writer and pro-humanity advocate living in Santa Cruz, CA.

Gifts for Every Kind of Guy

When it comes to men they can be incredibly hard to buy for, so when birthdays and Christmas roll around panic quickly sets in. If you are currently in the midst of such panic, help is at hand in the form of this useful guide out together to aid gift buying for every type of guy.

The Geek

If he would rather be watching Lord of the Rings than a game of football, you may think he is the hardest of all to buy for. There are plenty of places you can go that will cater to his interests and hobbies such as Warhammer and role playing games always need extra items such as specialist paints, figures or accessories.

The Football Fan

When a bloke supports a football team, you can’t really go far wrong with a piece of memorabilia or anything related to the club. Whether it’s the new season shirt complete with their name on the back or a vintage programme you can rest assured it will be cherished.

The Business Man

Some men are just always at the office and seeing them in jeans and a t-shirt is a rarity which can make them tricky to buy for. Cool desk top gadgets such as mini hoovers and executive memo holders are a great present for guys like this and will undoubtedly come in useful during their long working days.

The Music Lover

If you rarely see him without his iPod in tow and know a few of his favorite bands, why not take a look and see if they are playing close by at some point and grab a couple of tickets for him? Alternatively, you could purchase some band memorabilia such as a T-shirt or even a rare recording (great id they love a classic band that are no longer recording).

The Hippie

If he is a lover of all things green you need to be careful what you are buying so as not to offend. There are plenty of online shops that sell environmentally friendly gifts and cruelty free soaps and deodorants so why not show him that you value his choices by making sure his gift is green. Another great alternative is to sponsor something you know is of importance to him; from animals to children you can find the perfect sponsorship.

If you are looking for a gift suitable for the man in your life, take a moment to assess what category he might fit into and consider one of these ideas to give him a present he will be truly grateful for.

About Author: Sophie works alongside Gifts for Geeks and understands that men can be tough to buy for, so knowing where to go for a gift that suits their interests is really important.

How to Survive That Awkward Period From “Just Dating” to a Legit Relationship

Getting through those first few dates is always the toughest part, or is it? Though the first series of dates are full of uncomfortable, silent moments, the time just before a commitment can sometimes be the most frustrating.

Of course, every couple is unique, and all relationships move at different speeds. Typically after a few months of steady dates, either the woman or man is ready to move toward a commitment. A legitimate relationship is logically the next step in the process, unless one of the individuals is skeptical about commitment. Check out these tips for navigating through that time between friends and lovers.

  1. Communicate Clearly: In any male/female relationship, communication is crucial. What most women misinterpret are the tiny signals men accidentally send. Women are detail oriented. We closely examine body language, facial expressions, and gestures made to us. We make most romantic assumptions unconsciously. If an attractive man gives us a wink, scratches our back, and sends us sweet texts throughout the work day just to say, “hey beautiful!” we find ourselves browsing over Vera Wang’s latest bridal gowns, and drooling over wedding favors. The key is not to assume. Don’t read into body language or gestures, as most men are clueless! After giving your date a significant amount of time to make his move, feel free to casually bring up the topic. Ask him what he thinks about your friendship. From his answers, you should be able to predict whether or not he is ready to become part of a stable relationship.
  2. Stay Preoccupied: By preoccupied, I mean don’t become obsessed. Reviewing his texts or emails hourly and replaying those voicemails each chance you get will only place pressure on yourself to hurry up the dating process. Find fun things to do with your friends or family, or simply indulge yourself with a pedicure and movie night. Keep true to yourself, and don’t become dependent on his decision. It’s healthy to have an excited, anticipating attitude about the relationship, but don’t become so focused on his feelings that you can’t live a normal, happy life.
  3. Practice Patience: Don’t stress yourself out. If your friends or family are pressuring you into making a decision, ask them to ease up. Explain to them that you are your date are figuring things out, and taking it slowly. Never jump into a relationship solely from the input of other people! Decide what you want, what is going to make you happy.
  4. Enjoy the Process: Embrace this time before a committed relationship. Since you aren’t being held responsible by anyone, your life should be less stressful! Go out with your friends, mingle with old ones, and just enjoy life. This carefree stage will not last forever! By taking full advantage of this stage, later you will be ready to fully envelop in a serious, committed relationship. 

Sarah Mitchell is a relationship expert with a passion for party planning. Themes are her specialty: And she handles everything from tea party favors to stunning centerpieces. 

Getting the Best Advice on your Relationship from Chat Rooms

If you feel as if your relationship is going through a difficult time, you may need to turn to chat rooms to find out if you or your partner is doing something wrong. You may need advice on how the two of you can improve your relationship especially if you plan on spending the rest of your life with that person. If you have been married for several years and your relationship took a turn for the worst, you may want advice on what you can do to prevent a divorce. If you have children, that can be really hard for them especially having them choose who they want to live with.
The best place to go to for dating advice would be online dating discussion forums and you can talk with other people about your struggles and see what you can do to prevent a break up. On forums, you may find that many people have the same problems that you do. You can learn a lot from forums and you can even help some people out as well. If you met your significant other online, then you can also go to the dating site where you met that person and see if you can get some advice from their chat room.
If you feel as though your marriage may be ending, you can search online for chat rooms that will give you advice and counsel you through your tough times. Depending on the kinds of problems you have, they may suggest that you break it off. Some people may suggest that they went through the same thing and going through a divorce was the best thing for them because they were fighting too much. You do not need to take their advice, but it is helpful reading about people who went through similar situations as you are currently going through.
Even though chat rooms are great places to go for help with your relationship you still could end up in a break up or a divorce because the guy or girl you are with may not be the right one for you. A chat room can also give you advice on how you can tell if that person is or is not the right one for you. When you talk about your problems with other people, it may make you feel great to have your problems out in the open.

Written by Julieth Gonzalez